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May 13 - Day Trip to Abydos

Cult Centre of Osiris

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We are now on our way to Abydos, the cult center of Osiris, 90 miles north of Luxor. It was originally built by Seti I, XIX Dynasty, New Kingdom, with additional work completed by his son, Ramses II. (When it came to legacies, Seti I was all about the quality of work while Ramses II was all about quantity.)

The outer courtyard and the second court were built by Ramses II. Originally the temple had seven doors leading up the aisles to the individual sanctuaries. Ramses II had all of the doors sealed up except the central doorway creating a familiar hypostyle hall. Ramses II also had the original reliefs in the outer hypostyle hall chiseled away to make room for his own. The reliefs in the remaining parts of the temple – inner hypostyle hall, sanctuaries, shrines, and Osiris chapel – belong to Seti I. The aisles lead into seven barrel-vaulted sanctuaries consecrated to Seti, Ptah, Re-Horachty, Amon, Osiris, Isis, and Horus.


The right wall in the King’s Gallery features one of the few kings' lists. It is missing a few pharaohs considered at that time unimportant or illegitimate: Akhenaten, Tutankamen, Hatshepsut, Ay, and Horemheb.


The passage perpendicular to the King’s Gallery contains reliefs by Ramses II. Ramses II and a young prince are shown lassoing and taming a wild bull.


In back of the Abydos temple is the Oseirion, the alleged tomb of Osiris. Thought to be built by Seti I, Timothy is fascinated by this section of Abydos.


Oh, and for all those "Chariots of the Gods" believers out there, here are hieroglyphs showing the helicopter and submarine. I think I see a plane and a space ship in there as well.


It’s been an exhausting day and we eat our box lunches on the way back to Luxor. I’m too tired to think about going out tonight so we decide to have dinner in our room. Tomorrow we are off to see the Valley of the Queens.


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